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Welcome to Helinium

Helinium is a public school in Hellevoetsluis, a town 30 kilometres South of Rotterdam. The school is situated near Europoort, the gate to the Port of Rotterdam and its surrounding industrial area. We connect to our surroundings by offering a wide range of education: a bilingual stream, Technasium with the subject research&design and Technology. We also proudly participate in a growing number of international projects. Helinium is known as an accessible school, with a lot of personal attention for students.

Our pupils range from a wide variety of feeder primary schools. As a large local comprehensive Helinium teaches all years and all levels of the Dutch education system, starting from year one in all levels, to year six in grammar school.

High-end technical department

The Dutch education system uses a range of levels, starting with preparatory secondary vocational education (vmbo) and is divided into two levels. One level focuses on teaching practical competences and entry level professional skills. Our school has a high-end technical department which allows students to practice skills such as welding, milling and plumbing. These students leave school at the age of 16 after taking a central exam. They are allowed to enrol in senior vocational education (mbo) or continue onto a higher level of secondary education. The other level focusses on a more theoretical approach, also referred to as mavo. Our mavo department stands out for its Technology lab where students combine creative thinking with technology. Lastly, a special department of vmbo is lwoo which handles students with learning disabilities and disorders.


Our largest department is Senior Secondary General Education, or havo. This is a five-year course in which a student can pick from four profiles. Each profile consists of at least seven different subjects, Dutch and English being obligatory. After five years, students finish their secondary education with a standardised exam in at least seven subjects. The highest level of secondary education is pre-university education, or vwo. Unlike havo, it takes six years to finish. Again, it requires students to choose a profile consisting of at least seven subjects in which they sit a central exam.

Bilingual stream

Additionally, our school offers bilingual and Technasium programmes for havo and vwo students in year 1 to 3. With our bilingual stream and Technasium Helinium caters to students who are into more challenge. In our bilingual stream most subjects are taught in English. After 3 years students finish their bilingual programme with a Cambridge certificate. Technasium offers students an extra subject: research&design. In groups students work on a project supplied by a non-fictional client. Students tackle the project according to a fixed formula and present the outcome in the form of a report, presentation and/or model. We strongly believe that the combination of Technasium and bilingual education offers students excellent opportunities for their future, especially in our international surroundings.